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E-Mail Listserv: Probably MATA’s most popular benefit - the Listserv brings you into a community of over 700 attorneys who trade insight, experience, and advice.  Lawyers statewide who access this pooled knowledgebase find that posting a question to the MATA listserv saves hours of time. 

Legislative Representation: Through our professional lobbying firm, MATA initiates, monitors and acts on legislation as it best serves the interests of consumers. 

Area of Interest Sections: MATA provides necessary resources to members practicing in a specific area, such as Auto Litigation, Medical Negligence, New Lawyers, Woman’s Caucus and Workers’ Compensation.

Amicus Briefs :The MATA Amicus Committee files or supports amicus curiae briefs that are in the interest of MATA members and their clients.  MATA members may request the organization to take these actions on behalf of its members.

Deposition Bank: Members have online and phone/fax access to over 450,000 expert depositions right from the MATA website.


Mentor Service: This service offers new lawyers an opportunity to work with an experienced attorney in their practice area.


Publications: The MATA quarterly publication offers practical legal articles. E-clips are news clips of interest to the trial bar that are e-mailed daily.



Website: Our website provides access to a huge database of information accessible only to MATA members including sample briefs, court forms, and a deposition bank.


Continuing Legal Education Seminars: We offer practical on-site programs as well as live online webinars and online self-paced programs.  Our live online webinars and online self-paced programs have allowed us to reach a wide audience of MATA members. 


Professional Networking: Interact with fellow members at our Holiday Celebration, Annual Dinner, Workers Compensation Dinner and Continuing Education Seminars.  MATA also provides suburban luncheons and monthly social events.


Public Outreach and Media: MATA focuses its efforts on improving the image of the legal profession, by increasing the understanding of the role of attorneys and of the issues that affect clients.


Community Service: MATA members are engaged in their community and MATA will help find ways for members to volunteer in ways that are fulfilling and effective.


Keepers of Justice Sponsors: MATA has entered into agreements with vendors that provide services that are relevant to your practice. 


Meeting Space: Space is available at the MATA office for members to utilize for a for a client meeting, section meeting, seminar, or deposition.


MATA Trial Watch Program:  MATA members report details of upcoming trials and hearings and MATA shares that information with other MATA members who can observe their MATA colleagues in action.


MATA Online Guide to Civil Practice: Our website features a nine-chapter online resource to help members from case intake through post-trial issues.  It features over 100 model documents.

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