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At Milestone Consulting, we believe that injured plaintiffs deserve their own advocates during settlement.  We assist plaintiffs' attorneys with any settlement-related needs their clients might have, including government benefits preservation, trust planning, Medicare Set-Asides, cash preservation and annuities.  Contact us toll-free at 855-836-2676 or by email at info@milestoneseventh.com and together, we will help your clients move forward.

Founded in 2004 by financial adviser Christopher Seeley, Seeley Capital Management is a Massachusetts-based firm offering structured settlements and other financial services for injured parties and their attorneys in Personal Injury and Workers’ Compensation claims. They provide full-service consultation and specialize in helping plaintiffs maximize their recovery and more easily facilitate a settlement. Seeley Capital’s structured settlement expertise is consistently called upon by top law firms representing clients in large settlement cases. The firm also handles investments, special needs trusts, annuities and life insurance. For more information contact Christopher Seeley at (413) 739-0101 or by email at chris@seeleycapital.com 


Forge Consulting is a settlement planning firm and general agency licensed to provide professional services in all 50 states. Forge specializes in planning for the receipt of personal injury, workers compensation, and taxable damages settlements.  We coordinate professionals and products in the insurance, trust, cash management, investment advisory, and healthcare industries and force competition within those markets while simultaneously educating plaintiffs on the full range of available options and their intrinsic advantages and disadvantages.  Our pride lies in the work we have contributed to developing a process over selling a product. Contact Howard Saperston at hsaperston@forgeconsulting.com or call 716-541-6848 for more information.


     The Herbert H. Landy Insurance Agency, Inc. has been a national leader in providing Professional Liability Insurance and Errors and Omissions (E & O Insurance) since 1949. We offer coverage through some of the finest, most financially-sound insurance companies to assist our clients in obtaining the best combination of coverage and cost to fit their own unique professional insurance requirements. Whether you are a professional seeking Errors & Omissions or Professional Liability Insurance for your business or an independent insurance agent securing coverage for a client,

our goal is to make your insurance buying experience a positive one.

Call:  (781) -292-5400 or Visit: https://www.landy.com



Robson Forensic is an integrated team of forensic engineers, architects, scientists and fire investigators. We are a national firm with 16 offices, including our local office in Burlington. Our experts provide high quality investigations, reports and testimony in technical areas ranging from the routine to the obscure. Since 1987 we have performed over 45,000 investigations.
Call: 800-813-1753 or  Visit: http://www.robsonforensic.com/  for more information






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TrialSmith's comprehensive library of expert depositions, expert challenges, sanctions and more is available at MassAcademy.com. It's free to perform a search. If you find information that could be critical to your case, then you can subscribe for immediate access to those documents and databases. *Fast Case Law Library available for additonal fee.

With more than 450,000 expert depositions and 32,000 gate-keeping documents on-line, TrialSmith continues to be the plaintiff bar's best resource for investigating experts. Click here to begin your search!









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