February 2006 President's Message:

MATA'S Spring Mock Trial
By Patrick T. Jones

The Academy has advanced two major educational programs this year that respond to a central piece of its mission, improving the quality of legal representation through education.
In late October of 2005, a MATA seminar on damages held at the Moakley Federal Courthouse drew 180 attendees to hear Drew Meyer, Leo Boyle, John Ryan, Jay Lynch and Judge Paul Chernoff share their ideas for effectively presenting damage evidence and argument to Massachusetts juries.  A copy of David Ball's recently updated treatise on damages (David Ball on Damages, The Essential Update, 2d Ed., David Ball, Ph.D. NITA, 2005), as well as sample jury instructions and closing argument were provided to each attendee.
On May 12, 2006, the Academy will sponsor its Spring Mock Trial, a full day (9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.) program at the federal courthouse. Using a fact pattern that involves a construction site fall from scaffolding, attendees
will see Neil Sugarman and Liz Mulvey present the plaintiff's case, Larry Cetrulo and Nancy Watson defend, and Judge Carol Ball preside. The program will include Openings and Closings, Direct and Cross-Examination of Plaintiff and Direct and Cross-Examination of Plaintiff's Expert. Written materials will also include short articles by each participant outlining their strategy. 
This panel's credentials are truly impressive. In the aggregate, these five volunteers have over 130 years of trial experience, have tried over 500 jury trials in a wide range of areas, have clerked at the state and federal court trial level, have written extensively on the subject of trial work, and are legitimate experts on the subject of trials. While their style and strategies may differ, each of them has obtained a high degree of success at their craft and are considered by their peers to be among the very best of our trial bar.
On behalf of the Academy, I invite you to attend and look forward to seeing you there.










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