MATA Mentoring Committee Chairs:


E. Steven Coren

Kerstein, Coren, & Lichtenstein LLP 


Robert DeLello

Cooley Manion Jones LLP 



Welcome to the MATA Mentoring Program page.  If you are a new lawyer in search of a mentor or an experienced lawyer willing to serve as a mentor, we welcome your participation.  Please review the information below and click the link below to apply to be a mentor or mentee.

MATA Mentoring Program Guidlines


1.      General Principles:


The MATA mentoring program (the program) is designed to link newer lawyers (mentees) with more experienced MATA members (mentors).  Mentors are encouraged to give general advice, information and support regarding professional career development and law   practice. 


In the event that a mentor lacks the information or experience to assist a mentee, the program encourages mentees or mentors to contact MATA staff for assistance finding additional resources.


A mentor is not a substitute for independent legal research and independent professional judgment. 


2.      Process:


The MATA mentoring committee will select mentors with sufficient practice and life experience to provide valuable guidance and information to a new lawyer. 


All mentees will fill out a program application.  MATA staff will match mentors and mentees based upon objective factors including practice areas, years of practice, practice setting  (e.g.,    solo/small firm) and geographic region.  Beyond these factors, the program will match mentors and mentees through a rotating system.


In the event that a mentor or mentee is dissatisfied with a match, either party may contact the  MATA office and MATA staff will provide one alternative mentor.  In the event that a second mentor relationship falters, the MATA mentoring committee confer before  assigning a third mentor.


From time to time, the program will request feedback from program participants.



3.      Program Expectations:


For a mentoring relationship to succeed, responsibilities should flow in both directions.  We expect mentors to be responsive to mentor inquiries and to make themselves available to their mentee on a regular basis.  Mentees are expected to respond       promptly to mentor communications and be candid enough with his/her mentor to allow constructive discussions of issues.



Although mentors may provide advice and information to mentees, individual mentees are expected to exercise individual professional judgment.  MATA assumes no liability for any participants’ advice, action or inaction linked to participation in the program.  Program participants waive any and all claims against MATA, MATA employees, officers, board, and members for any liability arising out of MATA mentoring program activities.  MATA reserves the right to select mentors and mentees and the discretion to exclude participants.  Mentors and mentees may formalize their relationship to the extent they feel is necessary to protect parties’ respective rights.











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