of the Massachusetts Academy of Trial Attorneys

Volume 1, Number 2: October 1993

In this issue:

Article:  The Litigation Myth
Author:  Barry Nace

Article:  Cover Story: Two Views on the Death Penalty
Authors: Hon. William Weld (A Call to Restore the Death Penalty)
                   Max D. Stern and Ronald Kehoe (Capital Punishment: A Misguided Proposal)

Article:  Violent Crime: The Federal Perspective
Author:  US Attorney A. John Pappalardo

Article:  A Call to Arms (Control)
Author:  Ralph C. Martin, II

Article:  The State of the State in Responding to the Crime of Domestic Violence
Author: William C. Dollahunt

Article: The Case of Joseph Salvati: A Man Falsely Accused of Murder?
Author: Victor J. Garo

Article: Abraham Lincoln, Trial Attorney
Author: Michael J. Hood

Article: Ask the Expert: The Role of a Forensic Psychiatrist in Legal Proceedings
Author: Harold J. Bursztajn, MD

Article: Sexual Harassment: Recent Developments in Hostile Environment Claims
Author: J. Michael McGuinness

Article: Distinguishing Reliable Science From Junk Science in the Post-Daubert Era
Author: David Benjamin, PhD, Clinical Pharmacologist












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