Massachusetts Academy of Trial Attorneys

Volume 4, Number 2: May 1996

In this Edition:

Recent Developments in Tort Damages
Michael Bogdanow, Esq.
Meehan, Boyle & Cohen, Boston

Utilizing an Economist to Establish Damages Through Expert Testimony
Craig L. Moore, Ph.D., University of Massachusetts, Amherst

The Use of a Vocational Expert in Personal Injury Cases
Arthur O'Shea, Ph.D.

Computerized Anatomy for the 21st Century
Shelley Walker, Medical Legal Illustrations, Atlanta

The Messenger and the Medium for Medical Cases
E. Penny Pounder, Rd.M.

Life Activity Calendars: Valuable Tool in Demonstrating Damages
Robert Bonsignore, Esq., Medford

The Neuropsychologist in Minor Brain Injury Cases
Kenneth I. Kolpan, Esq., Boston

Environmentalism, Lawyers and Risk
Edward Kelly, Executive Director, Citizen Action of Massachusetts

Regulatory Reform: Or, How to Sabotage Government in One Easy Step
John Andrews

Worker Safety -- A Key Environmental Issue
Edward Kelly, Executive Director, Citizen Action of Massachusetts

Republican Bills in Congress Would Bypass the Constitution to Undo Environmental Protections
Gregor I. McGregor, Esq., McGregor & Shea, PC
and abridged by Tom Steinbach, Appalachian Mountain Club

Successful Clean Water Litigation
Janet Dominitz, Executive Director, MassPIRG

Corporate Subsidies and Tax Breaks Harm the Environment and Taxpayers
Kevin Knobloch, Appalachian Mountain Club

Unfunded Mandates

America's Public Lands on the Chopping Block
H. Michael Anderson and Karl Gawell

















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