Massachusetts Academy of Trial Lawyers

Volume 2, Number 3: January 1995

In this Edition:
Alternative Dispute Resolution

Acquiring the Tools of ADR: Two Views
Teaching the Skills of Settlement
Roger Fisher and William Jackson

From the Dinosaur to the Drawing Board: The Evolution of Trial Justice

Alternative Dispute Resolution in Personal Injury Litigation
Richard G. Halpern

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly: Client's Perceptions of Alternative Dispute Resolution
Kandice Schromm, ADR Solutions

ADR is No Solution for Injured Customers
Larry S. Stewart, President, Association of Trial Lawyers of America

The Realities and Remedies for ADR
Harold Brown

Structured Settlements, Equal Information & Mediation
Brad Honoroff

A Survey of Alternative Dispute Resolution Proceedings Available in the Massachusetts Superior District Courts
Elizabeth L. B. Greene

Structured Settlements: Objection Noted
John M. Dangora

What Every Lawyer Should Know About Paralegal Ethics
Deborah K. Orlik
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